Staying Connected with Your Neighbors in the Cold Winter Months

Let’s face it… nobody wants to go outside during a Michigan winter. It’s dark, it’s bitter cold and we are just rushing to get from our car to the house or work as fast as possible. Being so focused on getting ourselves out of the cold really puts a damper on friendships with our neighbors. Community within a neighborhood is so important, so these are our tips for staying connected during Michigan’s endless winter.

Plan a meet up

Plan weekly or monthly get togethers at a local business. Whether it’s the neighborhood watering hole, the community center, or pottery painting and wine. Planning a regular date is a great opportunity to get neighbors together. Knowing the date ahead of time gives your neighbors the chance to plan around it. Having a fun activity offers additional incentive for neighbors who are hesitant to brave the cold. Another plus is that you’re supporting a neighborhood business!

Shovel your neighbor’s driveway

If you’re outside shoveling or snow-blowing your driveway, why not take care of your neighbor’s driveway for them. It is such a kind act of service, and your neighbor will be super grateful! You will be on their mind and they may return the favor, or come over to thank you and visit.

Join or start a neighborhood Facebook Group

In the modern age Facebook keeps people across the world connected, so why not use it to keep people across the neighborhood connected. Neighborhood Facebook groups are a great space for dialogue, sharing neighborhood news and events, staying in touch with your local city council-member, searching for lost pets and sharing fun neighborhood photos. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a Facebook Group yet, make one! Invite your neighbors and ask them to invite their neighbors. Word will spread and you will be able to stay in touch with your entire neighborhood.

Walk your dog

Bundle up and take your dog for a walk around the block! Your dog will thank you, your health will thank you, and you may catch another neighbor walking his or her dog (we’ve also seen parrots getting walked around the block) or hopping into their car.

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