About Adriane Lau

Meet Adriane Lau!

Adriane grew up in the real estate business and can remember going on house showings with her father when she was as young as 3. If you were good during the showing, he would give you beef jerky on the way home! Starting full time in 2006, Adriane has been known to employ the same beef jerky tactics to bribe her own children.

It is Adriane’s belief that everyone deserves a place to belong and it is the job of a real estate agent to impart the knowledge to help clients make their own educated decisions. Adriane and her husband, Chris, have also “flipped” 25 homes and have decided it is really much more glamours that they make it look on TV. In what other field of work can you find a dead bird and get fleas in the same day?

Working on these properties and going on hundreds of home inspections has taught her gobs about the ins and outs of properties and helps her to have the knowledge to find some of the major issues before our clients spend $500 on a home inspection or before our sellers have a buyer back out of a transaction. Nowadays, Adriane leaves the house flipping to her husband so she can focus 100% of her attention on her buyer and seller clients.

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